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Prisoner of War is Wide for Sound

New screenshots of World War II game released, along with soundtrack information

Codemasters have released a second batch of screenshots from their World War II action-adventure game Prisoner of War. Due for release towards the end of the year, the game will see you trying to escape from a series of German PoW camps, including the infamous Colditz Castle.

Along with the latest batch of eye candy, Codemasters also sent us an update on the audio side of the game, which will feature a dynamic soundtrack which changes pace and tone depending on the player's actions. On the PC this will mean support for Microsoft's new improved DirectMusic API, but obviously the PlayStation 2 version has required some custom coding, with the guys at Wide Sound producing a proprietary sound engine to mirror the effects.

"Wide Games and Wide Sounds have devised something that works to incredible atmospheric effect", according to Jim McMorrow of Codemasters. "The constantly adaptive soundtrack really matches the tension as you play Prisoner of War. Most impressive is how the soundtrack evolves when playing the game; it's very organic as pieces of music blend together to reflect the player's actions."

Source - press release