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Evergreen get ready to Rumble

Force feedback headphones? Whatever next...

Force feedback is something which is traditionally limited to joysticks and steering wheels, apart from the odd mouse. But all that is set to change with the arrival of RumbleFX headphones from Evergreen. As the name suggests, these are gaming headphones which vibrate depending on the sound data they receive from your PC or console.

"RumbleFX technology extracts the hidden physical sensory dimension to create greater immersion and virtual realism", according to the press release. Evergreen CEO Mike Magee claims that "gamers involved in competitions should see an improvement in their performance, because they'll react faster when they can hear and feel something before they actually see it". Which sounds a little dubious to us. "RumbleFX headphones provide serious gamers the competitive advantage of expanded sensory involvement and, for casual players, they are simply more fun!"

Whether this will go down in history as the next stage in the development of gaming audio, or another folly on the scale of the infamous rumbling chairs that appeared a couple of years ago, remains to be seen. But if you fancy taking the risk you can pick up a pair of RumbleFX headphones for around $60, which isn't bad if their claims of an "enhanced sub-woofer and acoustically advanced physical design" are to be believed.

Source - press release.