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PS2 welcomes software boost

Top titles finally hit Sony's games console, plus the rest of the release date news

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Sony's Playstation 2 welcomes releases from several major players this week, including "International Superstar Socer Pro Evolution 2" and "Zone of Enders" from Konami. The latter includes the first ever playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 2, and will sell through the roof based on that fact alone we are assured. Also making its way onto the PS2 this week is the eagerly awaited "Star Wars Starfighter" from Activision, which finally gives Star Wars fans something to get their teeth sunk into on the new console. Elsewhere, the PSOne welcomes "Tomb Raider 2 Ricochet" from Eidos and "KISS Pinball" from Take 2 this week, and also from Take 2 is PC extravaganza "Serious Sam". Meanwhile the beige box also gets a boost with the release of the "Icewind Dale : Heart of Winter" expansion pack and "F1 Racing Championship" from UbiSoft, not to mention the dubious honour of arcade-style shooter "Star Wars : Battle For Naboo". The Dreamcast gets a light serving, with the exceptional "Starlancer" finally arriving after unforseen delays from Ubi Soft. Oh, and anyone who was at ECTS can't fail to remember "Erotica Island" from Flare Media, the only game daring enough to show off two very brave young lasses in bikinis. The game is finally released this week, but we regard it almost as warmly as the atrocious "Football Strip" idea. Not one for the kids, or anyone, for that matter. Related Feature - Release Dates

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