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Revolution or Evolution?

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead talks about Quake III on the PlayStation 2

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Electronic Arts finally confirmed last week that they are working on a PlayStation 2 version of Quake III Arena, but exactly how they were going to bring the graphically intensive multiplayer-only game to Sony's console remained unclear. Now we know a little more thanks to id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead, who has confirmed that "[while] Quake III fans will see some familiar levels and characters from the PC version, [Quake III : Revolution] is a new game".

"There's a much greater emphasis on the single player game progression and it's far from all deathmatch", according to Todd. "We've incorporated some new single player game types and some character progression and differentiation, so the new feature emphasis is actually away from the team- and multi-play we focused on in Team Arena and towards single play."

Given that the PlayStation 2 currently has no internet connection and that the single player portion of the original PC version of Quake III was rather lacklustre to say the least, this is probably as well. After all, split-screen multiplayer has it limits. Quite how much of Quake III : Revolution will be new material and how much will be lifted directly from the PC version and somehow crammed into the console's limited memory remains to be seen, but hopefully we should know more later in the year as the game gets closer to release.

Source - XGR

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