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Sega Announces PS2 and GBA Titles

Official statement issued on content of its first third-party games for the PS2 and GBA

"We will be withdrawing from the ordinary gaming business that consider game console as a main," says this morning's latest statement from Sega. The company has admitted to be developing three games for the GameBoy Advance, "Chu Chu Rocket!", "Puyo Puyo Summer 2001," and "Sonic the Hedgehog Advance," expected in March, Summer and Autumn respectively. On the PlayStation 2 it has announced five new titles; "Virtua Fighter 4," two sports simulations of unconfirmed titles (Sega Worldwide Soccer is a possibility), and "Sakura War Series," a huge hit already. Elsewhere, "Space Channel 5" will return, as we said yesterday. Related Feature - Sega to become platform-neutral