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Farewell to FASA

The company behind "Crimson Skies" and "Mechwarrior" has announced it is to close

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For twenty years FASA Corporation has been at the forefront of role-playing and table top gaming, producing a string of hit gaming systems including my own personal favourite, the cyberpunk RPG "Shadowrun", something which swallowed more hours of my teenage years than I care to remember. Over the last decade some of their better known games have come to the PC, including the "Mechwarrior" and "Mechcommander" games (based on FASA's "Battletech" system) and the fanciful flight combat sim "Crimson Skies".

Sadly now FASA have decided to call it a day, with the company set to close up shop on April 30th. "We may produce a few remaining products in the next month, but then we will close up shop. We will remain open to fill all orders from our inventory until April 30, 2001. We do not plan to print any new inventory; when an item goes out of stock, it will be gone forever."

This might not be quite the end of FASA though, as Wizkids (a company set up by FASA co-founder Jordan Weisman) has bought the rights to BattleTech and Shadowrun. But if you want to be sure and snap up one of the last run, check your local retailer or head over to the FASA website before it's too late!

Source - press release

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