PC Archive Page 540

8 February 2002

Nike sues Sega

Alleges videogame company and its advertising agency copied an old advert

Harpoon 4 still on the way

"I'm not quite dead yet"

7 February 2002


Review - Heroes of Might & Magic meets Magic : The Gathering in this turn-based strategy game

GeForce 4 : Fresh Meat

PNY, ELSA and Gainward offerings on course

6 February 2002

NVIDIA launches GeForce 4

Fact, figures and pricing inside

5 February 2002

4 February 2002

Strange but true

Another oddly named game emerges from Digital Eel

Icewind Dale II confirmed

Frigid dungeon crawler spawns sequel

FeatureYou Suck

Article - the biggest problem with online gaming is online gamers

3 February 2002

Unreal goes Postal

Ban this filth! Please?

Laser Squad goes live

X-Com creators' latest effort open for subscriptions

FeatureIngo Horn and Christoph Kabelitz of Westka Interactive

Interview - we chat with the German developers behind The Y-Project

2 February 2002

Everquest goes dynamic

Not quite so pointless, but a lot more expensive


Preview - the world's first preview of a new Unreal-engined action-adventure game from German developers Westka

1 February 2002

Graphic State licenses WWF

That's the .. er .. World Wildlife Fund, not the sweaty lycra-clad wrestlers

Bad Vibrations

Games are bad for your health (again)

VisionTek Enters European Market

Company execs said to be "Xtatic"

New Sold Out line-up

Worms 2 headlines along with Grand Prix Legends

FeatureGarry Williams of Sold Out

Interview - budget gaming dynamo Garry Williams tells us about his path through the industry, and elaborates on those JR Ewing felt hats...

31 January 2002

Tactical Ops on way to shops

Unreal Tournament add-on follows in Counter-Strike's footsteps

More Best Sellers for Sierra

Budget re-release range extended

EA profits soar

Harry Potter brings some magic to EA's latest financial results

30 January 2002

Playing With Beasts

Techland lets pets loose on the football pitch

Interplay sinks to new low

French owners may take former CEO to court

FeatureArmy Men RTS

Preview - does exactly what it says on the tin

TPF Gutted

With no sign of a buyer, either

28 January 2002

EuroGamer Moves

The important thing is no-one was hurt

Philos announce Paparazzi

Hungarian developer in 3D scum of the earth simulator shocker

27 January 2002

Rally Trophy

Review - rally driving goes retro in Bugbear's 70's racing game

26 January 2002


Preview - our first peek at the new Russian-made space combat sim

25 January 2002

FeatureKrzysztof Marcinkiewicz of Techland

Interview - we talk to Polish developers Techland about their new tactical action game Chrome

Resident Evil Trailer

Feast your eyes on Paul Anderson's Resident Evil, and watch the cast feast on each other...

Everquest Platinum worth more than Yen

First study of Norrath's economy published - oh dear

Infogrames to publish Neverwinter Nights

Interplay and Bioware reach agreement

24 January 2002

Fargo quits Interplay

Founder and CEO resigns following French take-over

23 January 2002

A Beta In The Desert

Try out a massively different massively multiplayer game

Indiana Jones returns

New game in the works for PC and next-gen consoles

21 January 2002

Russians find a new HomePlanet

Revolt and Russobit-M announce new space combat sim

Help fix a Shattered Galaxy

Sign-up to beta test new improved online strategy game

New Gremlin in the Works?

Industry vet Ian Stewart plans comeback

19 January 2002

FeatureDivine Divinity

Preview - a promising role-playing game with a silly title; whatever next?

Jester gets Grafting

New games on way from Music Creation developer

18 January 2002

FeatureMarc Jacobs of Mythic and Mickael Ivorra of GOA

Interview - Mythic and GOA talk about the impending European launch of Dark Age of Camelot

Typing of the PC

Sega to produce more Typing games for the PC

17 January 2002

Comanche 4 tournament

Win computer hardware playing Novalogic's latest chopper action game

Serious Sam : Second Encounter

Review - Sam is back, and this time he's got a chainsaw - "look ma, I'm a lumberjack!"

16 January 2002

Cereal Gamers

Kellogg's team up with Infogrames

15 January 2002

Women Drivers

Vancouver-based school offers potential developers financial incentive - women only

GT Professional now unconfirmed

Confusing Sony people get knickers in a twist

DIY DSL goes live

Low key launch


Review - a mixture of action, adventure and role-playing in a dark fantasy world

GLADIAC to become Euro-exclusive?

ELSA re-evaluates its position in the States

14 January 2002

Activision acquires Gray Matter

Brains! Brains! Slurp...

FeatureWhatever Happened To .. Episodic Gaming

Article - the first in a (very) irregular series of articles taking a look at buzzwords which seemed like a nice idea at the time

"Turn off video games" says Bush

As part of education reform...

12 January 2002

Morrowind on its way to Europe .. again

UbiSoft signs publishing deal with Bethesda

11 January 2002

Indiana Jones & The Infernal Machine

New Indiana Jones game reviewed

FeatureZsolt Hanula of Philos Labs

Interview - we talk to Philos about their forthcoming space strategy game Imperium Galactica 3

The One That Got Away

Popular precision mice, from the company that almost wasn't

10 January 2002

Aliens vs. Predator 2

Review - Monolith take over the reins of one of the best FPS franchises ever

Gran Turismo Professional

GT3-derived PC game in the works!

Hercules backs ATI

Radeon Prophet?

Combat Mission goes Gold

Popular mail-order strategy game gets retail release

Business booming in Britain

Game and console sales both through the roof

9 January 2002

The Playing Fields closes its doors

Another victim of the technology downturn

8 January 2002

JoWood gets a Fishtank

Etherlords, Aquanox and SWINE finally set to reach the rest of Europe

No more Electronics Boutique

Stores to be rebranded

Frank Herbert's Dune

Review - Cryo return to Arrakis for their latest action-adventure game

Intel launches Northwood

Monstrous Pentium 4 2.2GHz battles with AMD's top chip

7 January 2002

January Sales!

Spend some moolah

FeatureMostly Pointless

Article - Gestalt takes a look at what's wrong with the massively multiplayer role-playing genre

6 January 2002

Trent Reznor talks Doom

More Nine Inch Nails for id Software?

Allied Assault under way

New single player demo released (officially this time)

4 January 2002

Unreal Tournament 2 on its way

No official comment from Infogrames yet, but rumours seem to be true

Bits to Buy 2002

First hardware update of the year, hip hip

2 January 2002

Lord Blackthorn's Revenge

EA size up the competition as they plot revamp for Ultima Online

1 January 2002

FeaturePicks For 2002

Article - EuroGamer gazes into the crystal ball to pick out some of the top games we can look forward to this year

31 December 2001

Jez San gets OBE

Argonaut boss on New Years Honours List

Feature2001 For Gamers

Article - we take a look back over some of the year's key events in the gaming industry

30 December 2001

Wes Craven's American McGee's Alice

Based on a book by Lewis Carroll

FeatureGames of the Year 2001

Article - our favourite games released during the year 2001

29 December 2001


Preview - new improved action-strategy goodness, now with added vehicles and recommended daily allowance of eye candy

24 December 2001

FeatureWhat's The Story

Article - script consultant Piers Blofeld takes a look at the use of storylines in games

22 December 2001

Merry Christmas from JC

John Carmack, that is, not the kid that social services found sleeping in a food trough behind a pub in Bethlehem

21 December 2001

Comanche 4 takes off online

Multiplayer support finally working

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Review - relaxing with some braincrushing Nazi zombies after the stress of Christmas shopping will put the sparkle back into your day!

Sunflowers head to the Black Sea

Bulgarian developer signs four title deal with Germans

CDV Strikes Back

Sudden Strike sequel announced for next year

Flash upgrade

More Operation Flashpoint goodies released online

20 December 2001

Techland takes pets for a drive

Another cartoon-style racer on its way to the PC

Ghost Recon gets add-on

New weapons, vehicles, enemies and settings on the way