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Apex Legends servers are seeing three times more disconnects than usual

"A full return to normal may take until our next planned patch on Sept 22."

No, it's not just you - Apex Legends' servers are unstable right now.

The problem first crept in a few days back, but despite fixes and assurances from Respawn that the issues had been rectified, the developer has since acknowledged that despite improvements, players are continuing to experience "roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors".

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"We're ramping up our server capacity today and have some scheduled fixes for tomorrow. However, we believe some problems will require work through the weekend," the team announced on Friday.

A later - and the latest, at the time of writing - tweet said: "Despite improvements today, we're still seeing roughly three times the normal rate of disconnect errors in @PlayApex, and a full return to normal may take until our next planned patch on Sept 22."

It's been particularly problematic for ranked players who have reached out on the game's social media accounts to complain that the disconnections are losing them points or affecting their ranks. Consequently, Respawn says it is extending the current ranked split by one week, and that update will go live tomorrow, Monday 20th September (thanks, PCGN).

For now, if you treasure your rank, it might be best to stick to unranked play until the issue has been fully resolved.

In related news, Respawn recently moved to reassure concerned Titanfall 2 players after reports of a security vulnerability caused some to uninstall the game.

As Wes reported last week, Respawn tweeted to say it was investigating the reports, which emerged last week and caused panic within the Titanfall community. It later updated players to confirm they were dealing with "a simple exploit that can be used to crash games" and insisted it did "not believe there are any more serious risks to affected players or their machines".

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