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Another Wraith portal glitch has been discovered in Apex Legends

And players can even perfect this exploit in the firing range.

Another Apex Legends Wraith glitch has popped up, this time allowing players to draw their weapons and deal damage whilst the fan-favourite character is teleporting.

Ordinarily, Wraith cannot equip weapons in the void, let alone unleash upon suspecting opponents whilst essentially invisible, but players have discovered that they can take pop shots at enemies if they expertly pull off a nifty manoeuvre that uses both Wraith's Dimensional Rift ultimate skill and her Into the Void tactical.

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According to RossBossSquirrel's video below (thanks, Dexerto), players can make good of the exploit no matter if they're in the firing range, arena mode, or playing the battle royale's main mode, and though it may take players a little while to "get the timing down", the fact you can practice to your heart's content in the firing range may prove to be problematic, at least in the short term.

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The good news, however, is that even those willing to try this out in Ranked are unlikely to do too much damage before they become visible again, but it may make matches a little frustrating before developer Respawn is able to formally resolve the issue.

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