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Amazon's Fallout TV series set images reveal Super Duper Mart

Photos are beginning to emerge from the wasteland.

Set photos from Amazon's upcoming TV adaption of Fallout have begun to circulate online.

Yesterday, Collider published photos taken by a reader from Staten Island in New York.

The photos show the exterior set of a Super Duper Mart with some sleek, round-bodied cars ripped straight from the 1950s parked outside, rusted all over. The building itself isn't doing much better, sporting the grime and abandoned wear you would expect to see roaming around Fallout 4's post-apocalyptic Boston.

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A quick search on social media of 'Fallout Staten Island' reveals several other users who've snapped a shot of the set whilst going about their daily routine.

The most recent news on the live-action Fallout series came almost three weeks ago, when Kyle MacLachan was confirmed to be joining the cast. It seems things are moving forward smoothly, if the appearance of a set is anything to go by.

Whatever your expectations may be of a live-action Fallout, one thing looks for certain - the set design is definitely aiming to stay as true to the games as possible. As production continues, hopefully there'll be more glimpses of the project for fans to pore over.

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