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Amazon to publish Disruptive Games' upcoming "online multiplayer action-adventure game"

"We are looking forward to building an experience that kindles creativity and fosters positive interactions."

Amazon Games has entered into a new publishing agreement with Disruptive Games, a Californian indie studio, to publish its "upcoming online multiplayer action-adventure game".

The press release stops short of detailing much else about the upcoming game - details will be "revealed at a later date", apparently, although a quick snoop on Disruptive's website hints that it's coming to PC as well as unspecified PlayStation and Xbox consoles - but Disruptive Games has worked on several notable titles, including Diablo II: Resurrected, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, and Godfall.

The studio says it is now focused on "multiplayer-first gaming experiences that immerse players in living worlds".

“Together with Amazon Games, we are looking forward to building an online experience that kindles creativity and fosters positive social interactions,” said Disruptive CEO and founder, Eric Ellis. “The Amazon Games team has embraced our vision for this game and the community it can build. Their enthusiasm for the project and dedication to creating great games made publishing with them a natural choice for us. With their world-class publishing support, already demonstrated by the wildly successful launches of New World and Lost Ark, we’re well on our way to bringing this project to players."

“At Amazon Games, we’re focused on developing and publishing high-quality games that foster strong communities and keep people playing for years to come,” added Christoph Hartmann, VP, Amazon Games. “We’re accomplishing this by creating our own IPs and selectively publishing external projects from stellar teams like Disruptive Games. The talented team at Disruptive Games is creating a fresh take on the multiplayer action-adventure genre, with strong game design and rich world-building that we’re excited to help bring to players.”

ICYMI, yes, Lost Ark - which is published by Amazon Games - still has a bot problem. Amazon recently acknowledged the continued issue and the ongoing "frustration within the community", confirming it had permanently banned "several million accounts that participated in botting, hacking or gold-selling".

"Since Lost Ark launched, we've been fighting a war against the bots infiltrating Arkesia," Amazon said a couple of weeks back. "Addressing bots can be especially challenging in free-to-play games because it's so easy to create an account and enter the game, but we're working on multiple fronts to fight them."

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