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Adorable Pikmin 4 trailer introduces your plucky plant friends

Knock your stalks off.

Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pikmin 4, ahead of its release in a couple of weeks.

The video is a short primer on what the titular Pikmin are and how they can be used in-game. The overview follows a new traveller as they meet the Pikmin and learn how to work with them.

The traveller looks on in confusion at various points, before a Pikmin confidently approaches them and instructs them to blow their whistle, or launch it towards a task to do, which got a chuckle out of me.

Your first expedition with Pikmin.Watch on YouTube

In Pikmin 4, there are eight different types of Pikmin you'll encounter. The video gives a quick rundown on each one's strengths and demonstrates the new Ice Pikmin in action. Rescue pup Oatchi is also introduced, who is notably best buds with the Pikmin.

Perhaps most importantly, the trailer confirms the answer to one of the biggest questions the series has posed to fans - what happens to Pikmin souls when they die? Sadly, they don't go into the Onion to be reincarnated, as lovely as it is to imagine. "Pikmin that have shuffled off this mortal soil won't return," the narrator reveals, "but you can always grow and pluck more!" Pikmin souls go to the big proverbial Onion in the sky, it seems.

Tom enjoyed the return of the Pikmin series when he was able to go hands-on for our preview, and you can try the game out yourself with the Pikmin 4 demo that's already available to play. Progress from the demo will transfer over into the main game should you buy it.

Pikmin 4 releases on 21st July on Switch. Will you be picking it up?

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