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A second Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo drops later this month

And this one will be available on PC and last-gen systems, too.

A second Wo Long Fallen Dynasty demo will be available from 24th February.

The bite-sized snippet of Team Ninja's dark Soulslike fantasy will be playable on PC via Steam, PS5, Xbox Series X, and last-gen consoles, too, which is good news for anyone who missed out on the PS5/XSX-only demo last time.

Cover image for YouTube videoWo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Official Gameplay Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Official Gameplay Trailer.

As is usually the case, save data from your time with the demo will "transfer to the final game", and if you complete it, you'll unlock the "Crouching Dragon Helmet" DLC in the full game, too.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty now has a worldwide release date of 3rd March on PC, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It will also be released day one on Xbox and PC Game Pass, too.

As with Team Ninja's previous Nioh games, Wo Long is a Soulslike game that thrives on challenge and will only offer one difficulty level.

"It's an interesting take on the perennial question of difficulty in this district of games, and I'm fascinated to see how it pans out - and how the wider audience adapts to and makes sense of a system that helps set Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty apart," Martin said when he previewed the game last year.

"Like both Nioh games before it, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty feels like a more than worthwhile twist on the ever-popular action RPG template."