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How to solve the windmill puzzle in A Plague Tale Requiem to get secret armor

Wheat trick.

You need to solve the windmill puzzle during Chapter 9 of A Plague Tale: Requiem in order to unlock the hidden cave that leads to the secret armor.

This armor is a bracer that lets Amicia recover from enemy attacks faster, so is handy for any encounters that don’t involve stealth.

We've detailed the exact windmill puzzle solution below, as well as how to get the secret armor in A Plague Tale: Requiem when you do solve it.

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How to solve the windmill puzzle in A Plague Tale Requiem

To properly follow along with this windmill puzzle guide, you should check the roman numeral number above the door to each windmill in Chapter 9.

They are numbered one to four, with the first windmill located near the large tree surrounded by people, and the fourth located near the ruins of a tower.

We’ve noted the number of each windmill in the picture below:

We’ll go into more detail below, but for quick reference, here’s how to solve the windmill puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem:

  • Windmill 1 - Turn off
  • Windmill 2 - Turn off
  • Windmill 3 - Leave it on
  • Windmill 4 - Turn on

Once you get into a windmill all you have to do is push or pull the switch to turn the windmill on or off.

The first windmill has its door unlocked already, so all you have to do is go through and activate the switch. You also don’t need to get inside the third windmill to change it, so we’ve only detailed how to get into windmill 2 and 4 below:

How to get into windmill 2

Go to the left of the entrance to the second windmill and you’ll find a rope that you can pull to bring a crate down.

Once you’ve pulled and destroyed the crate, you can now climb up to where it used to be and crouch into the windmill, gaining access to its switch.

How to get into windmill 4

To get into the fourth windmill, climb up the ladder and look through the small hole in the side of the windmill.

You can’t fit through here, but you can use Amicia’s sling to throw a stone at the lock on the inside of the door. Once you do this, you can descend the ladder and enter the windmill to turn it on.

You will know if you’ve successfully completed the windmill puzzle if Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia have a conversation about hearing a noise in the distance.

How to get the secret armor in A Plague Tale Requiem

Now that you’ve solved the windmill puzzle and opened the entrance, it’s time to go looking for that hidden cave!

To get the secret armor, go through the small stone arches leading down a slight incline, which are located behind the third windmill.

When you can’t go any further, turn right and you’ll see a ladder. Climb down this ladder to find the smuggler’s cave.

Go all the way to the end of this cave and you’ll find a room with two chests - the secret armor is in the middle of these chests, on top of a crate.

Amicia will now wear this special bracer throughout the rest of the game, allowing her to recover from enemy attacks faster.

Good luck with the rest of Chapter 9!

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