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A new look at Quantic Dream's PS4 game Detroit

Markus down as nonplussed.

We saw Quantic Dream's PS4 game Detroit from a new perspective at Sony's E3 2017 conference.

We were introduced to android Markus, a third playable character, who has broken his programming to become self aware - think for himself - and now leads a rebellion. How that rebellion will behave will depend on your decisions; chiefly, will you be violent or peaceful in your uprising?

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The footage wasn't particularly rousing and it wasn't overtly clear what kind of gameplay will be on offer. It looked like you will be able to scan environments to see possible options shortly before they play out, such as areas to move to for cover or places where you can climb. You can also interact and manipulate machinery. Your main concern appears to be avoiding or dismantling bland, flying security drones.

Quantic Dream's facial animation appears to be in good shape, and a lot of the trailer's focus was on characters' mugs. No release date information was given.

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