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Upcoming PS4 exclusives God of War, Detroit and Spider-Man currently unavailable to pre-order from Amazon

UPDATE: God of War now available to buy.

UPDATE 20/4/18: God of War launches today and is now available to buy from Amazon, despite the retailer closing pre-orders for the game earlier this week.

Other upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives like Detroit and Spider-Man remain unavailable to pre-order, with no explanation given.

Whatever the beef is with PlayStation and Amazon, it appears to relate to the pre-ordering of games only. Happily, we haven't heard any reports that pre-orders sent in before Amazon shut them down were not received as expected.

So what's going on? We've asked Sony and Amazon for comment multiple times this week, but neither side wanted to discuss the matter. Hopefully, whatever the squabble is, it can get sorted quickly - for the players.

Now available.

ORIGINAL STORY 17/4/18: Upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives God of War, Detroit and Spider-Man are currently unavailable to pre-order from Amazon.

God of War comes out this Friday, but you can't currently pre-order it from Amazon.

A glance at the product pages for upcoming Sony first-party games reveals God of War, Detroit and Spider-Man all carry the "currently unavailable" warning, preventing users from pre-ordering and thus guaranteeing delivery on launch day. This despite all three titles having concrete release dates.

These games were once available to pre-order on Amazon, and remain available to pre-order on other retailer websites. Clearly, something's gone wrong somewhere in the Sony / Amazon relationship.

Looking further ahead, upcoming PS4 exclusives without confirmed release dates, such as The Last of Us 2 and Days Gone, are also currently unavailable to pre-order on Amazon. Media Molecule's Dreams, however, bucks the trend.

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Some who have pre-ordered God of War have expressed concern at the timely delivery of the game, which comes out in just a few days' time. It'll be interesting to see whether this issue is temporary, and whether God of War becomes available to buy from Amazon on launch day.

We've asked Sony and Amazon for comment.