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New EG Podcast!

We're still not funny: hear for yourself.

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Today's arbitrary assemblage of Eurogamer staff in the same place can mean only one thing: it's time for another of our already-moderately-popular podcasts, and this there's plenty to listen to in this one.

First up we've got former editor Rob Fahey's take on the impact of PlayStation 3's European delay until March 2007, followed by an interview with Gabe Newell, during which the Valve Software front-man responds to Mark Rein's recent criticism of episodic gaming and talks a bit about Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

With Ellie Gibson and Tom Bramwell presenting, as usual, the podcast then careens into the usual ditch of excitement with a round-up of the headlines, a bit of discussion of Narbacular Drop - the game that bore Portal - and of course another two-week forecast of what's due in the shops.

You can get the podcast either using our RSS feed - which will automatically update you when we post new episodes - or by directly downloading the MP3 file. iTunes users can subscribe from within iTunes by selecting the "Subscribe to Podcast..." option under the "Advanced" menu, and pasting in our RSS address:

Enjoy - and if you don't like it, at least have the decency to lie and claim you did.

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