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7 months later, Bethesda has finally delivered the Fallout 76 canvas bags

Don't blame the Courier.

Seven months after Fallout 76 came out, Bethesda has finally delivered the canvas bags those who bought the £179.99 Power Armour Edition of the game thought they were going to get originally.

For the uninitiated, the backlash to Fallout 76 "bag-gate", or as our Emma likes to call it, "the kerduffel", saw an outcry from owners of the Fallout 76 Power Armour Edition of the game, which was supposed to come with a canvas West Tek bag but instead came with a cheap nylon alternative.

In total, the episode saw Bethesda issue curt customer service responses, retrospectively change the advertising on its website, claim the reason for the swap was due to the price of canvas, and initially apologise with a meagre amount of in-game currency (along with laying the blame for those customer service responses on a temporary contract worker). It was all a bit of a mess.

In December 2018, Bethesda said it was manufacturing replacement canvas bags - and now they're turning up.

Redditor Andarne reported theirs turned up, and posted some pictures of the final article online, including one shot comparing the cheap nylon bag with the new canvas bag.

Nylon is on the left, canvas is on the bag.

"The replacement is pretty damn decent!" Andarne said in a follow-up post.

"I have the original plastic one, and I have to say that the new one is a significant improvement to the old. Stitching is solid, the lettering pops and it feels good."

Here's some tweets from others whose canvas bags have also turned up:

So there you have it! Finally "bag-gate" or "the kerduffel" or whatever you want to call it has come to an end.

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