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48-hour publication time for XNA games

All part of the NXE community games bit.

Microsoft expects submissions to the NXE Community Games Channel to be cleared for download in just 48 hours.

That's according to XNA team member Kathleen Sanders, who joined Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb in an online video preview for the upcoming service.

The Community Games Channel theoretically allows anyone to make a game for Xbox 360 by using the XNA Game Studio 3.0 software. And those tools go live on 30th October.

Once created and submitted the projects will go through to "Peer Review", where other developers will rate and eventually clear the game for release on Xbox Live.

Creators can also charge for their games, although earnings will be calculated in US dollars and subject to taxes there.

Those interested should pop over to the XNA Creators Club Online website, where a handy list of tips - "Best Practices" - can be found. Quite an interesting read if you ask me.

The New Xbox Experience will go live on 19th November.

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