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360 owners unlock fourth BF1943 map

A little way still to go on PS3.

EA has announced that the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 1943 is the first to unlock the Coral Sea map.

Coral Sea, which also introduces the Air Superiority gameplay mode, is unlocked in response to 43 million kills, and the 360 version, which launched last Wednesday, appears to have gotten there in a neat week.

PS3 players still have a little way to go, according to the BF1943 website counter, which puts their efforts at just under 25 million kills at the time of writing - although the PS3 version did launch more than 24 hours later than the 360.

Check out our Battlefield 1943 review to see why so many people are obsessing over the game, and let us know what you make of Coral Sea.

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Battlefield 1943

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