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2K dates BioShock PS3

Underwater so nobody sees.

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The PS3 version of BioShock will be out in Europe on 24th October, which is the same day as Fable II and also my birthday. [If you get to it. - Ed]

As we know, conversion developer 2K Marin has been busy tinkering, and added additional bits to the shooter that took top marks on Eurogamer nearly a year ago.

Chiefly, those are a Survivor difficulty mode that deems you lucky to scrape through battles with a slither of health, PS3 Trophies, plus platform-exclusive downloadable Challenge Rooms.

These lean on the problem-solving abilities of plasmids and will be on show at the Leipzig Games Convention this week, where we hope to pop in for a look.

BioShock, for those oblivious, is a shooter set in an underwater city founded in the 1930s to provide a scientifically-minded society to flourish. Something must have gone wrong.

Head over to the BioShock PS3 gamepage for our thoughts on the game, plus a chat with creator Ken Levine about how it came to be.

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