Destiny 2 Iron Banner - Gear, weapons, how to get rewards and what else is new in the competitive event

Level differences are out, Tokens and new gear is in.

Iron Banner - the fan favourite Crucible activity - finally returns to Destiny 2 for a second week.

For those who didn't play the original Destiny, Iron Banner is a competitive Crucible event with unique gear up for grabs as they level up a unique Iron Banner faction.

It's only around for one week at a time, so it pays to know when it's returning and why you should invest your time into it.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner - How it works and what's different

The second Iron Banner will last until the next weekly reset - so from November 21st to November 28th. To access Iron Banner, you need to do the following:

  • Complete Destiny 2's campaign and access the second social space
  • Inside that social space, visit Lord Saladin. He is located on the upper walkway in the main hub of the Tower; use the left walkway to climb up and reach him. Speaking to him unlocks new Iron Banner Milestones.
  • Enter Quickplay to enter the Iron Banner playlist.

The core loop of Iron Banner is completing matches to earn a unique currency - in this case Iron Banner Tokens - which must be cashed in before the event ends. Wins give you more of this currency than losses, and the more you play in the week, the more rewards you'll be able to cash in and receive.

Tokens come from the following sources:

  • Match wins (5 Tokens)
  • Match losses (2 Tokens)
  • Challenge completions (2 Tokens)
  • Daily Milestone Reputation Bundles (15 Tokens)

The overall aim is to complete the Season 1 Milestone of 10 Faction Packages rewarded - which is the equivalent of 200 Tokens - giving you an Emblem. No Engram or drops, just an Emblem - so have this in mind before you invest the time to complete it.

If you played during the first week but didn't meet this Milestone, the good news is your Milestone progress is saved, as we've still in Season 1. However, the arrival of Curse of Osiris will see the arrival of Season 2, so this is the last time to get this emblem if you want it.


So far, so familiar. However, it's set to offer some sweeping changes between how it worked in previous years.

What's different in Destiny 2 Iron Banner

  • A player's Power level - meaning the strength of their gear - no longer matters
  • Tokens and Faction levelling replace Bounties and Ranks
  • Teams of four will face off against one another, not the six versus six from previously

Like Trials of the Nine before it, it slots neatly into the template established by core Crucible events in Destiny 2.

Iron Banner gear - weapons and armour rewards explained

Rewards come from handing in Tokens to Lord Saladin. Leveling up this Iron Banner Faction will then give you Iron Banner Engrams, which will drop weapons and armour.

Armour: This is what the Hunter, Titan and Warlock Iron Banner gear looks like:


Weapons: According to Destiny Tracker (via the Destiny subreddit) these are:

The Guiding Light (Scout Rifle)
The Time-Worn Spire (Pulse Rifle)
The Steady Hand (Hand Cannon)
The Forward Path (Auto Rifle)

The Hero's Burden (Submachine Gun)
The Fool's Remedy (Sidearm)

The Wizened Rebuke (Fusion Rifle)
The Day's Fury (Grenade Launcher)

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What else you need to know about Iron Banner in Destiny 2

Right now, before the event goes live, there are a few things we don't know, including:

  • Rare and Legendary Gear can drop from Iron Banner match wins, but are from the standard Crucible pool and not Iron Banner weapons or armour.
  • All gear must come from Faction rewards from Lord Saladin, and cannot be purchased directly unlike previous Iron Banner events. This, however, will change in future events, according to Bungie.
  • Iron Banner drops aren't at maximum Power level, but can go up to 300 - handy if you are looking to make the jump from 304 to the 305 level cap.
  • Daily Milestones will reward you with additional Tokens if you complete all three Challenges set that day.
  • Seasonal Milestones requires you receive 10 Faction Rewards. With 20 Tokens each, that's 200 Tokens you have to accumulate over the course of the week. It pays to not only win matches, but play daily too, giving you additional Tokens from each new Challenge and Daily Milestone.
  • Playing Iron Banner contributes to the Call to Arms Milestone, allowing you to tick off two weekly Milestones in one.

How Iron Banner worked in the original Destiny

For those interested in how Iron Banner in general, here's a quick recap of how it worked in the original game, including some all-important differences. In short, things are a lot simpler in the sequel.

  • Power levels (then Light Levels) were a factor for Iron Banner, though it didn't matter too much. Skill mattered more!
  • Each 'season' had a maximum of five Ranks, which would increase as you cash in reputation (not unlike Tokens and levelling Factions in Destiny 2, in a way). Certain Ranks would give you drops and open up more purchasable items from the vendor.
  • Reaching Rank 5 was required in order to complete Destiny: Rise of Iron's Record Book.

Ranks were an important part of the Iron Banner of old.

  • Before Rise of Iron, things were even more complicated. As the week went on, a multiplier would increase the amount of faction reputation you would receive. For example, playing on day one would get you 60 rep for a win, while on the last day, you would receive 200 rep, including buffs from items. This means that those playing on weekends no longer have to 'cram' in sessions in order to reach the highest rank for the best rewards, nor can you 'game' the system by cashing in bounties on the final day to boost to the highest rank faster.
  • There were Buffs for equipping Iron Banner-specific emblems and shaders.


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