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ZombiU ports spotted for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Now just named Zombi.

Wii U-exclusive horror game Zombi U looks like it will be re-animated for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Now just titled Zombi, the game has popped up on the Australian Ratings Board - a regular source of leaks.

The listing also follows an Unseen64 report last month that Ubisoft was developing versions of ZombiU for PS4 and Xbox One.

As yet there has been no official word of the ports and there was no sign of them at E3 last week.

We've contacted Ubisoft in case the publisher wants to shed any more light.

It will be interesting to see how the new versions will work. ZombiU was specifically developed for Wii U to make use of the console's GamePad as an inventory.

Players had to search through their supplies for items using the controller's touchscreen while the action still continued on your TV screen - and zombies still shuffled towards you.

ZombiU failed to sell large quantities on Wii U, despite being heavily promoted at the console's launch and being available as part of a major hardware bundle.

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot previously stated that ZombiU was "not even close" to turning a profit and that "there are no plans (or even desire) for a sequel".

Prior to that, a sequel prototype was briefly worked on by a small team and would have featured co-op play.

Positive sales of Zombi on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may reignite interest in a sequel, but it is unlikely to arrive on Wii U.

Ubisoft has said that it has now abandoned development of "mature" titles for Nintendo's console - the last of which was a long-delayed port of Watch Dogs.

There's no release date yet for Zombi on PS4 and Xbox One, but it is rated 15+ for strong horror violence, blood and gore.

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