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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability has birthed some wild creations

Movers and Sheikahs.

It is not just Koroks that are getting transported around Hyrule in a myriad of unusual ways thanks to Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's new Ultrahand ability. Link is also making his merry way through Hyrule's many regions and camps in a range of eclectic creations, from mechs to trucks and tanks.

As a reminder, Link's new Ultrahand ability allows players to pick up, move, and rotate objects. These objects can then be fused to other objects, and with a bit of creativity players can conjure up their own vehicles and such to beetle across Hyrule.

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While I have been happy enough to just place a fan on the back of my timber board to make it go, others clearly have a much better imagination (and a lot more patience, I won't lie, I am still finding Ultrahand quite fiddly to get the hang of) than I do. As a result, there have been some truly remarkable Ultrahand designs making the rounds online.

Here is a video dubbed "The evolution of Zelda warfare", and it shows exactly what you would expect. Things begin in a slightly more humble fashion - the player has added lances of sorts to the front of a fan-propelled kart, and uses it to run down some advancing bokoblins. This is the "mediaeval" portion of the video. However, by the end, they are completing an aerial bomb strike on an enemy fortress.

Now we have a full on Gundam mech, complete with lasers (as I wrote that, I pictured the Dr. Evil laser meme).

Some more of your typical day to day modes of transport now.

One player has decided to redub their game "Trucker of the Kingdom" and has made their own version of a big rig to get about. While it perhaps wasn't built as an offensive weapon, with this player reuniting two koroks, it does make short work of the keese that get in its way.

Here is one player practising their olly skills on a homebrew Tears of the Kingdom skateboard. This is one design I could perhaps recreate later.

Now, for the NSFW portion of Tears of the Kingdom's recent Ultrahand creations. Or, should that be, Tears of the King-dong.

This last one is actually pretty clever.

A player has used Ultrahand to manipulate their rather phallic creation, then quickly popped it into reverse to allow it to beat up an advancing Hinox. Pretty sure they didn't need to add the two boulder 'balls' for this to have still been equally effective, however.

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