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Zelda player builds flying contraption, glides across entire map

North by Northwest.

A The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player has figured out a way to glide across the entire land of Hyrule in one amazing descent.

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Unlike the person who continually shot bomb arrows to propel themselves skyward through the power of explosions, YouTuber mety333 built a flying contraption and ascended high enough that they hit the game's invisible ceiling.

To do this, they placed Link upon a metal box stacked atop a cart, then used the magnises ability to pull the cart upward, raising the box and Link with it in the process.

The invisible ceiling is higher than you might expect as it takes 90 seconds of straight ascending before you reach it. Gliding down takes even longer, with a slow descent that lasts upwards of seven minutes as Link soars across almost the entirety of Hyrule, from Death Mountain in the north to the wintry wilderness of the northwest snowfields.

It takes a few stamina elixirs to keep Link's arms from wearing out, and doing this shirtless perhaps wasn't the best idea as it gets pretty chilly up there, but now we know how far you can go. Well, almost, as mety333 decides to cap the journey off with a downward plunge.