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Your Ghost Recon Wildlands AI teammates are surprisingly good at cheating

Bravo, team!

Most video game fans know AI teammates often bend the rules when it comes to helping the player character out. But in Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands, the friendly AI gets away with some pretty outrageous cheating in order to make the player have as good a time as possible.

YouTube channel AI and Games published a fascinating video into how this all works recently, explaining the various ways your Ghost Recon Wildlands AI teammates bend the rules as you play offline.

The video is well worth a watch, but I'll highlight some of the cheats used to support the player fantasy here. For example, your teammates are invisible unless you give them a direct order, so they won't be spotted unless you tell them to shoot or move, or you're spotted yourself. This system ensures the player shouldn't blame the AI for getting spotted.

Cover image for YouTube videoWhy Friendly AI Cheat in Ghost Recon Wildlands | AI and Games #36

But my favourite AI cheat revealed in the video is the "magic shot". Brilliantly, it's impossible for your AI teammates to miss a sync shot (a queued up shot on a marked target) because they never actually take the shot. They pretend to take the shot, and the marked enemy mysteriously drops dead. This ensures your teammates don't miss and thus don't screw up the mission for you. Thanks, video game!

Video games have been using cheats like this for years, of course. But it's cool to pull back the curtain and see how the magic tricks are done once in a while!