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Ubisoft teases a return for Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Wildlands

"Langley has sprung a leak, and they need us to stick our thumb in it".

Ubisoft has teased the return of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, albeit in an upcoming Special Operation mission for its tactical shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands.

News of the unexpected crossover comes via a brief video teaser, taking the form of a transmission between "Paladin" and "Matchwood". The latter is played by Sam Fisher voice actor Michael Ironside - or a very good impersonator, at least.

"Langley has sprung a leak", Paladin tells Matchwood/Fisher in the video, "and they need us to stick our thumb in it. Brush up on your Spanish - you're headed for Bolivia". After a little more back and forth, Matchwood signs off saying, "I've got friends in that neighbourhood. Call the Ghosts". With that, the music swells and a familiar silhouette appears on-screen.

Ubisoft says that full details of its Splinter Cell crossover will be revealed on Monday, April 9th, one day prior to the launch of Wildlands' recently announced second season of content.

Ghost Recon Wildlands' Year 2 begins with the first of four planned Special Operation updates on April 10th. At the time of its announcement, Ubisoft was a little vague about Special Operation I's PvE component, simply stating that it would include "a campaign mission and challenge with exclusive rewards". Is this where Mr. Fisher will fit in?

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