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The Division beta rolls on for another night

Ubisoft extends testing period until 11am Tuesday.

There's good news for anyone with access to The Division's current beta: Ubisoft has extended its duration until 11am tomorrow, 2nd February.

Still levelling up your DZXP? You now have 24 hours extra to do so, although it's worth remembering your character and progress do not carry over to the final game.

And for those still waiting on entry, Ubisoft has said it is opening up a fresh wave of keys for people who've signed up online.

The Division's beta is currently active on all of the game's platforms - PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It includes one mission from the final game to play through and a chunk of its snowy New York world to explore - including a portion of the game's player-versus-player area, the Dark Zone.

Watch us play it below:

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