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Yet more Grand Theft Auto 5 screenshots get down to "business"

That means flying planes, stealing cars, shooting at police helicopters.

Grand Theft Auto 5 developer Rockstar has filed this week's third and final deployment of GTA5 screenshots under the label "business".

Which, in Grand Theft Auto, is a pretty broad term.

Police will shoot you in cars from helicopters. They'll shoot you on foot from helicopters. And they'll chase you down the road while you hang from a car transporter.

The playable character this time around appears to be a young looking chappie with a buzz cut - likely the same one spotted parachuting in Rockstar's previous batch of screens.

Will Grand Theft Auto 5 offer multiple protagonists? It seems likely, since this week's initial look at the game offered another cameo from the first trailer's suited man, flying a jet fighter.

But there's other airborne fun to be had too - here's a beautiful shot of a biplane to round off the set.

Rockstar has said it will release more images "in a few weeks or so".

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