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Yes, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is still episodic

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Square Enix has reiterated its plan to release Final Fantasy 7 Remake as an episodic title.

The publisher revealed new footage of Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the first time in three years during Sony's recent State of Play broadcast, prompting questions over the release of the ambitious PlayStation 4 title.

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In its Japanese press release (thanks, Siliconera), Square Enix stressed Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come in separate parts, rather than all at once as it was originally sold on PlayStation 1.

The footage released yesterday shows action in and around Midgar, the setting of the opening of the 1997 Japanese role-playing epic. It shows familiar set pieces and character actions from the early part of the game, including Avalanche's attack on a Shinra Mako reactor and Cloud's fall into the slums.

We also see Aeris offer Cloud a flower. In the original, the player can choose whether or not to buy a flower from the "Flower Girl", later revealed to be Aeris. This decision impacts a dating system that plays out later in the game.

And finally, we see Final Fantasy 7 protagonist Sephiroth confront Cloud. It seems reasonable to speculate the first episode of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will take in the initial Midgar portion of the game, with subsequent episodes continuing the story outside the famous video game city.

We'll know more in June.