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Yakuza: Ishin lets you visit brothels and haunted houses

Sober up ladies to get "a sexy scene."

Yakuza: Ishin, the feudal era spin-off of the Japanese gangster series, won't have karaoke bars and arcades, but it will have singing, brothels, and haunted houses.

Sega has detailed the variety of pastimes you'll partake in on the official Yakuza: Ishin site (translated via Gematsu).

While the game takes place before karaoke parlours were a thing, Ishin will still contain the singing mini-game, only you'll be belting out a tune in an oldschool Utagoe bar. Besides singing, you can bet on chicken races, work at an Udon shop, slice scarecrows in an archaic haunted mansion, chop wood, or shoot down cannonballs.

When in the mood for a little more adult entertainment, you can go to a brothel and engage in a drinking contest with your gal-pal Anna, play rock-paper-scissors with her, or help sober her up in a mini-game where you must shoot down "buzzkill blocks," the source of her intoxication. Evidently succeeding in such an act will result in "a sexy scene." Oh myyy! But hey, at least you're helping her rather than simply buying sex with gifts and gazing at her naughty bits like in Killer is Dead, so that's something.

Watch some of these activities play out on some bizarre Japanese game show below.

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Unfortunately, Sega has yet to announce a western release for Yakuza: Ishin. It's not sounding promising as Yakuza 5 has yet to be revealed for these shores and the last Yakuza period spin-off, Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan!, was only released in Japan. Yakuza: Ishin will be a PS4 launch title over there on 22nd February, though it will also be available on PS3.

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