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Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has an offline campaign

Plus, how Insomniac will use Microsoft's cloud.

Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive has an offline campaign in addition to a multiplayer mode, developer Insomniac has confirmed.

"Our intent is that you will be able to play the single-player without an online connection," Insomniac chief Ted Price told Game Informer.

But, as you'd expect, if you want the game updated with new content, you'll need to connect. "The game will be updated with content we expect that all players will want," Price added. "You won't be able to access that without an online connect."

Price told players to expect regular updates and changes to the game based on feedback. "We'll have an opportunity to create a much more living world," he said.

Insomniac intends to use Microsoft's 300,000 server cloud, which Titanfall developer Respawn helped demystify last week, to aid data collection. "Some of the hardcore data collection, correlation, and translation that we expect to do is difficult and takes a lot of horsepower, and that is one aspect of the cloud that is attractive to us," Price said.

He added: "We are going to be relying on heavy backend services to churn through the data we get from players to understand what they're telling us and what they're doing in the game."

Sunset Overdrive was announced during Microsoft's E3 press conference, and raised eyebrows as it's the first Xbox exclusive game from Insomniac, maker of PlayStation-exclusives Resistance and Ratchet & Clank.

But little is known about the game, save it's a stylised open world shooter that's along the same lines as Borderlands 2 and Brink.

A CGI video shown durin Microsoft's E3 press conference showed a lanky lad running and jumping across rooftops, pursued by some horrid monster things. He's overwhelmed but gets timely help from some friends - no doubt hinting at the co-operative nature of the game.

This video presented "a vision of the game," Price said. Development is at an early stage, and Insomniac is yet to announce a release window.

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