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Xbox Gamerscore record holder hits 600k

Edges closer to one million target.

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The gamer who holds the world record for the highest Gamerscore has just hit 600,000 points.

Guinness World Record holder Raymond Cox, aka "Stallion83" on Xbox Live, earned fresh Achievements that took him from half a million Gamerscore to the new milestone.

Cox revealed on his blog,, that he unlocked Achievements in the recently-released Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, Dirt 3 and The First Templar to help him edge over 600k.

He's now one step closer to his one million Gamerscore target. "A lot of good upcoming milestones to look forward to and a lot of good games to play this fall. And by a lot, I mean it. So much to look forward to," Cox said.

Cox has played over 800 games in his quest, including titles released across multiple regions and platforms.

To celebrate 600k, Cox put out a training montage, below.

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