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Earth Defense Force invades Vita

Alien ant farm

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Earth Defense Force 2017 is coming to Vita on 27th September in Japan, according to a report by Dengeki PlayStation (via Siliconera).

While the original Xbox 360 exclusive only supported two-player local co-op, the Vita version will support up to four players via ad-hoc and online multiplayer.

Last we checked, publisher D3 had no plans to publish this in the West. The official word they gave G4 earlier this month read, "The game is only announced for Japan. The latest trailer is shown here and [the game] will include 4-player online co-op plus some additional Vita specific features."

Granted that was nearly two weeks ago and we've requested a follow-up.

The trailer below reveals the Japanese version retails for ¥6090 which comes out to about £49. The last two games in the series to see a Western release - Earth Defense Force 2017 and Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - were budget titles here, so hopefully that will remain true if Earth Defense Force 3: Portable arrives on our shores.

In our review of the original Earth Defense Force 2017 Kieron Gillen awarded the game a 9/10 stating several reasons people may not like it:

"You may have friends and family who are ants. I understand. It's difficult."

"You might not like smiling."

"You might be stupid. Because there's always that, isn't there?"

"If none of these apply, you've got no bloody excuse."

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