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Xbox App on PC will now predict if your machine can run a game before you download it

Feature rolling out to users now.

Microsoft is rolling out an updated version of its Xbox App for PC that includes an at-a-glance indication of whether your machine will likely be able to run a game before you download it.

The feature, which should be particularly useful to Game Pass subscribers reckoning with the service's sizeable library of titles, is being referred to as the Game Performance Fit Indicator.

Essentially, each time you look at a game via the Xbox App, you'll see a short message offering a prediction of how well Microsoft expects it to run on your machine, generated by comparing a title's performance on PCs with similar specs to yours.

Xbox App on PC's new Game Performance Fit Indicator in action.

Microsoft says the new feature is starting to roll out to users now, but notes that, while it continues to gather performance data for different games, checks may not appear for all titles.

Alongside the Game Performance Fit Indicator, Microsoft has highlighted a number of other app improvements in its announcement post, including backend changes designed to make for smoother and more reliable user experience.