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Dragon Age II sales: Xbox 57%, PS3 22%

21 per cent on PC.

More copies of Dragon Age II were sold on Xbox 360 across UK shops than any other platform - by far.

Chart-Track told Eurogamer this morning that Xbox 360 commanded 57 per cent of the total, whereas PS3 managed only 22 per cent.

The remaining 21 per cent was attributed to PC. Chart-Track doesn't count digital sales, such as those made on Steam.

This sales picture suggests that Dragon Age II on Xbox 360 is the better console game. But that's not the case; actually the PS3 version was ever so slightly preferred in Eurogamer's Dragon Age II face-off. The overall winner, however, was PC - providing you have the goods to power it.

The full UK top 40 chart, which Dragon Age II topped, can be found elsewhere on Eurogamer.

PS3 versus Xbox 360.

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Dragon Age II

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