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Ex-BioWare, Obsidian dev's Chorus: An Adventure Musical has reached its fundraising goal

No treble.

With just five days left to go, Chorus: An Adventure Musical has managed to surpass its fundraising target.

In case you missed it, Chorus is a character-driven musical game by new Australian dev team, Summerfall Studios. It's spearheaded by ex Obsidian and BioWare developers, Liam Esler and David Gaider, and will feature the voice talents of Laura Bailey and Troy baker, as well as music by Austin Wintory.

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At the time of writing, 4619 backers have pledged over $600k (about £465k) on the site, and any more pledges will go towards stretch goals to make the game even bigger.

The first of these unlocks at $650k, adding two new romances to Chorus, bringing the game up to four romance options. Anyone familiar with Gaider's work on Dragon Age will probably have some idea of how these romances will tie-in with the game - if not, there's a handy update on the fundraising site explaining it in more detail.

"You don't have to romance anyone if you don't want to, but if you do, know that the romance arcs are tied directly into the main story. They're not a side feature, but rather have a direct impact on how the main story unfolds and particularly how it ends," Gaider writes.

Other stretch goals include extra songs, special live streams, and a "making of" documentary. If the fundraising hits $900,000, Chorus will even be fully voiced.

Chorus will be a PC-only release at first (with the potential to come to other platforms pending its success), and now it's fully funded it's estimated to launch late 2021.

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