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WOW patch live, servers back up

You can cancel the after-work drink now.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

World of Warcraft fans stuck at their desks for another few minutes will be glad to know that the game servers are back up, and players are diving into the Echoes of Doom patch.

There were several delays during the afternoon, but European players got off lighter than their North American counterparts, who were waiting well into yesterday evening to start playing with new skills and earning WOW's first in-game Achievements.

We wouldn't ever log in during work hours, naturally. But friend of Eurogamer MMO, Morten Skovgaard of Denmark's PCplayer magazine, informs us that "it's insane out there".

"Mages and Retnubs are killing left, right and centre," Skovgaard said. "It's a bit like the old days before Resilience. They had better enjoy it before the nerfhammer hits 'em hard!"

News from the front line. Thanks Morten. It's home time, what are you waiting for?

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