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World in Conflict date uncertain

Still: new trailer, shots.

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Vivendi has refused to give a solid release date to next-gen PC RTS World in Conflict today, saying that "internal rejigging" of development schedules means "spring" is as specific as you're going to get right now.

"Our timesheet has gone back, so there's lots of internal rejigging to slot titles into opportune timeslots that will (a) fit in with development schedules, and (b) mean that we're not going head-to-head with two of our own titles at the same time," said a Vivendi spokesperson.

WiC was recently shown at CES as a showcase title for the Windows Vista launch. Vivendi released a new video and screenshots today, showing just why Microsoft is so interested to have its software associated with the game.

World in Conflict, developed by Massive Entertainment, is a strategy game that takes place in an alternate-reality where the Berlin Wall never fell and the Cold War reached boiling point. The Soviets marched into Europe and NATO responded in force, but a second front soon popped up: a fullscale assault on American soil.

Alongisde a "gripping" single-player campaign is multiplayer support for teams of up to 16 people. Play as either Infantry, Armor, Special Forces or Aerial Specialists in pursuit of your goal, and unleash historically accurate military might on completely destructible scenarios.

Pop into Eurogamer TV for the latest video, or head to our gallery for the new screenshots.

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