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Download World in Conflict now

Metaboli encouraging laziness.

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Sumptuous PC strategy game World in Conflict is released today, and you can get hold of it without scarcely moving a muscle.

That's because Metaboli is digitally distributing the game to eager fans, calling on Linford Christie-like transfer speeds to dish it out as fast as possible.

And once you have the package, you can burn it onto disc to throw at unfortunate friends, or re-download because you deleted it by accident when someone knocked without entering.

All you have to do to is pop over to the neatly designed site and shell out GBP 34.99 to get your hands on it. Oh look, it says Eurogamer in the top left.

World in Conflict is a terrific real-time strategy game by Swedish developer Massive Entertainment. It puts nuclear warfare at your fingertips and backs it up with honed and refined genre mechanics.

Although it doesn't attempt to recreate the wheel, the familiarity easily helps you sink into the mouth-watering production values. It's got an absolutely immense multiplayer side to it, too, if competitiveness is your cup of radioactive tea.

We called it "an absolute beast of a game" in our recent review, awarding it a thoroughly well deserved 9/10. Pop over to our thoughts for a closer examination.

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