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Free lump of Berlin Wall with World in Conflict

Worldwide offer.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sierra Entertainment is planning to give away a piece of the Berlin Wall with each Collector's Edition copy of World in Conflict sold for PC once the game's released in September.

The historic lump is included in the Collector's Edition of Massive Entertainment's promising strategy title along with a DVD from The History Channel about the Berlin Wall called "Modern Marvels", behind-the-scenes game development videos and special packaging, probably made out of Stalin's hair.

"The World in Conflict Collector's Edition offers gamers the chance to grab a piece of history - an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, a monument that once divided the Cold War superpowers right through the heart of Europe," Sierra's Al Simone explained.

"In World in Conflict, the Berlin Wall isn't dismantled in the name of global peace; it is obliterated by the collateral damage of the opening salvos of World War III." It's hard to understand why the Daily Mail refuses to take us seriously.

Anyway, Sierra says that the Collector's Edition "will be available at retail stores worldwide this September for the PC". You can read our impressions of the game elsewhere.

World in Conflict is also due out on the Xbox 360 in the autumn.

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