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World in Conflict demo ahoy

On Friday. Excited.

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Sierra Entertainment will be releasing a public demo of World in Conflict on PC this Friday.

It will give us all a chance to try out the eagerly awaited action-strategy game from Massive Entertainment in both single and multiplayer modes.

That means you can either breeze through the tutorial and tackle The Battle of Pine Valley level on your own, or take on the artificial brains of the computer in a skirmish. Then, once you feel your skills are up to speed, you can try your luck against up-to 15 players on the Seaside multiplayer map. Clan matches are in, too.

Unfortunately there's no word on where to download it from, but we'll keep our eyes on the official site for more details.

World in Conflict is due for PC on 21st September, followed by a 360 version later in the year (hopefully).

Head over to our World in Conflict gamepage to see all our coverage on what is shaping up to be Sierra's biggest title of the year.

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