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Wii leading market as second system a "good problem to have!" - Carmack

He doubts they're all that bothered.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Id Software's John Carmack has laughed off suggestions that Nintendo will care about being a lot of gamers' 'second system' after a PS3 or Xbox 360.

Asked how Nintendo could overcome that - or even if they want to or care to - Carmack laughed and told Eurogamer, "Yeah! Do they have to? They're selling more, making more money selling more units. Good problem to have!"

Nintendo has raced to a leadership position in the so-called console war between itself and Sony and Microsoft, recently announcing that worldwide sales of the console have nearly reached 30 million - not that much less than Xbox 360 and PS3 sales combined.

Pushed a bit more on the subject, Carmack simply said: "I would chalk that up to not a problem. We're checking our bugs off - not a bug!"

Carmack has never ruled out working on the Wii, telling GameDaily last year that "maybe [id Software will] look at partnering with somebody with some of our older technology that really would push the limits of the Wii and look at our brands and which are appropriate".

Look out for the full John Carmack interview next week. We're still transcribing it - he talks so fast that our tape recorder exploded and now we're dead.

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