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Where's cheapest to buy FIFA 12?


Currently, the cheapest place in the UK to buy FIFA 12 is The online giant is selling the 9/10 football fiesta for £37.85.

Tesco has an easy-on-the-eye £25 offering, while Morrisons has plumped for a £30 price tag - but both prices are only available when you buy FIFA 12 with another chart game in store.

Still, factor in Tesco selling Deus Ex: Human Revolution for £25 too, and both titles for £50 could tempt some.

Rival mega-shop Sainsbury's has gone slightly higher for its own deal - £28.99, but only when you spend £30 or more in-store.

A list of barebones, no-strings attached prices for FIFA 12 on Xbox 360 and PS3 lies below.

Eurogamer plays FIFA 12.