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What's new in The Division open beta

Subway morgue mission! New faction! More!

The Division's open beta is live right now on Xbox One, while the doors will open on PC and PlayStation 4 from tomorrow, 19th February.

This may be your first taste of The Division. Or, if you tried the game's closed beta, it may be a welcome return. Either way, here's what you should know about The Division's latest changes.

The open beta's biggest addition is of the main game's second mission, Subway Morgue, which introduces a new faction: The Cleaners.

You'll be sent to investigate the area while looking for a missing engineer, Paul Rhodes, who will then open up another wing in your main base of operations.

The tech wing, when activated, will allow you to unlock a new skill: the deployable turret.

Apart from that, Ubisoft has been tinkering with the game's Dark Zone, where player versus player combat is allowed.

The area will now play host to a "significantly increased" number of non-player enemies, Ubisoft has said, which will now be slightly harder in difficulty.

Dark Zone chests will refresh less often now but contain fresh high end weapons. The reward for surviving as a Rogue Agent - meaning you have turned on other players - has also been increased.

But beware - it's now easier to tell if a player has turned rogue: there's a new warning icon when players have shot others but not yet done enough damage to be fully classed as Rogue.

All manner of bugs have been fixed, and - finally - there is now a reward for participating in the open beta which will award you something in the final game.

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