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Cortana commentates the Forza Horizon 4 Halo mission

Ford Cortana.

During a Forza Horizon 4 session at Gamescom today, I was shown the game's recently-leaked Halo map in full. It's a loving mash-up of Scottish countryside and, as expected, Halo campaign level The Silent Cartographer. Less expected - Cortana commentates your race throughout.

The event is a special one-off mission which appears in-world for you to select and can be played multiple times to your heart's desire, creative director Ralph Fulton told me.

Master Chief himself pilots the Warthog you race with, and climbs aboard in a cutscene which describes the mission as a training level necessary for all UNSC forces in recognition of the "current Covenant threat"... before the action transitions back to the Scottish countryside - albeit with a Halo ring in the background.

The already-leaked image.

Halo energy shields and a hovering Pelican also make appearances, themeing the level, while Cortana - seemingly confused - makes comments about the Scottish backdrop and points of interest and banters with Carol "Foe Hammer" Rawley, the pilot of the hovering Pelican.

"A fortification of some kind!" she says while you pass a castle. "It hasn't been used in centuries!"

"News of this has leaked out," Fulton said, introducing the level, "how probably doesn't bear talking about but anyway... If you're familiar with Horizon you're familiar with Showcases, and racing ludicrous vehicles. And in our constant pursuit of pitting you against ludicrous vehicles we have been lead to this, which I think is our most fun Showcase yet, created in partnership with the guys at 343 Industries and out of a general passion for games in general we have at our studio."

No footage or screenshots of the mode are yet available to share - but we were told some would be available soon.

With Forza Horizon 4 being set in Britain, I asked whether Albion might make an appearance. After all, Forza Horizon 4 maker Playground Games has that second studio...

"I'm not aware of that place," Fulton replied, poker faced. "Is that in Kent?"

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