Forza Horizon 4

Another sumptuous, endlessly entertaining automotive playground, but its shift into 'shared-world' online gaming is only a partial success.

Key events

Turn 10 bans the Confederate flag in Forza

Deemed "notorious iconography".

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Feature"Our goal is to reach everyone on the planet"

As streaming takes centre stage, we talk to Microsoft about its own offering.

Forza Horizon 4's first expansion goes off-shore

Fortune Island is out in December.

Microsoft details this weekend's two-hour X018 Inside Xbox live stream

Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Forza 4, and more.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey physical sales down 25% on Origins

Forza Horizon 4 sales up on Horizon 3.

Forza Horizon 4 Barn Find locations map, including seasonal Barn Finds

Where to find all hidden Barn Find locations across Forza Horizon 4's map.

FeatureThe big Forza Horizon 4 interview

Playground Games on bringing the series back home, selling up to Microsoft and plenty more.

Digital FoundryForza Horizon 4 on PC is one patch away from perfection

Complete settings breakdown and performance analysis.

Digital FoundryForza Horizon 4's Xbox One X 60fps mode is the real deal

But native 4K shows off the visuals at their very best.

Loot boxes to be removed from Forza Motorsport 7

And paid tokens won't be in Horizon 4.