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Rejoice! The world's biggest car company is coming back to Forza

Supra news.

You might have thought that the announcement of a new Half-Life would be the week's biggest gaming news, but you'd be wrong because - hallelujah! - Toyota is coming back to Forza.

Okay, maybe you're not as excited as someone who loves Akio Toyoda and his beautiful machines as much as me, and someone who's the proud owner of a mk3 Supra (two owners since new, a mere 180k on the clock), but still - having the world's biggest car company back in one of the very best driving games is something worth celebrating.

The licence has in recent years been in a strange stasis with only Gran Turismo prominently featuring the brand - while all sorts of odd statements emerged from Toyota regarding its approach to video game licensing. Eurogamer spoke to Playground Games' Ralph Fulton late last year about what exactly was going on with the deal.

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"What's happened with Toyota over the last couple of years is we haven't been able to reach an agreement which is unfortunate," he said. "It's hugely unfortunate for us, because as car lovers we feel the pain that our fans feel as well. And we will continue with our conversations in that area - that's not something we've given up on."

It seems the two parties were quick to come to an agreement, with the mk4 Supra coming to Forza Horizon 4 as part of its series 17 update which is due on 12th December. Is this the start of a return for Toyota to the wider world of video games? Will Playground Games do the decent thing and model any mk3 Supra that comes to Forza Horizon on the infinitely prettier pre-facelift model? Would you like to buy my pre-facelift Toyota mk3 Supra for a reasonable price? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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