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Turn 10 bans the Confederate flag in Forza

Deemed "notorious iconography".

Turn 10 has banned the Confederate flag in the Forza games.

A tweet by the official Forza support page said the use of the Confederate flag on any car and under any circumstances will be categorised as a "notorious iconography" in developer Turn 10's enforcement guidelines, "and its use will result in a ban".

Forza's enforcement guidelines for user generated content lists what it deems notorious iconography. The Confederate flag joins swastikas, SS-runes, Wolfsangel, Black Sun, Arrow Cross, Iron Cross (with contextual clues), and the Rising Sun on the banned list.

In Forza, a well-known use of the Confederate flag is in virtual recreations of The General Lee, aka the 1969 Dodge Charger driven in The Dukes of Hazzard television series.

The ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, which aims to highlight problems with police brutality and systemic racism, has sparked a crackdown on racist iconography. Last week NASCAR banned the Confederate flag at in-person events.

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