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Warner Bros announces Harry Potter collectible card game with RPG, MMO elements

Magical multiplayer online.

Warner Bros. has announced a new mobile collectible card game in the Harry Potter universe, featuring MMO and RPG elements.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, developed by Netease and co-published by WB Games under Portkey Games, will let players collect and level over 70 cards to be used in PvP brawls and PvE challenges.

The game is set 10 years after the defeat of Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts and involves a new generation of witches and wizards.

You'll also get to roam around Hogwarts or fly over the school on a broom, brew potions, take part in the Sorting Hat ceremony and play Quidditch.

Android users can pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store here, with registration for iPhone and iPad coming soon.

The game has been available since September in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as other Asian markets towards the end of 2021. The announcement today marks the game's planned release this year in Europe and America.

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Android, iOS, PC

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